LINANTEC: Laboratory of Innovation Analytical Technology


Linantec was found in 2005 by an initiative group of scientists and engineers from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (State University) in a stimulating work environment of International Science Technology Park ôTechnopark v Moskvorechieö. The company startup was supported by Russian Foundation for Support to Small Innovative Enterprises.

Linantec is a team of professionals experienced in realization of innovative projects in area of mass spectrometry and ion mobility spectrometry. Though we are mainly focused on drift tube ion mobility spectrometers and time-of-flight mass spectrometers, in collaboration with our partners we can allow technological solution for wide range of application.

Linantecĺs products were supplied to leading research labs of Helsinki University (Finland) and European Research Center of General Electric holding (Munich, Germany). Our technology was chosen by Forensic Science Center of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia for equipping instrumentation built in framework of Law Enforcement Targeted Initiative program.

Linantec is located in South East of Moscow in campus of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (State University) surrounded by scenic historical parks of Kolomenskoe, Tsaritsino and Borisovo lakes.


Linantec builds unique scientific equipment for customers not satisfied by commercially available instruments.

Linantec aims to bring the IMS and TOF technology into new applications.


Linantec, Ltd.
International Science & Technology Park "Technopark v Moskvorechie"
Moscow, Russian Federation

The R&D is supported by grant service of Skolkovo Foundation